What Over People Say About Us?

We have been working with Cameo Investigations for many, many years. Audra and her team are fast, efficient, fair, pleasant to work with, willing to go the extra mile, and take tremendous pride in their well-deserved reputation for professional excellence. We would not have been able to achieve many of the successful results in our cases were it not for the assistance of Cameo Investigations.

Ed C.

Audra has always been very professional and is a shining light in an often dark and murky field. Her integrity and hard work shine through. She does phone number searches and research for us and is very consistent.

Bill Q.

Cameo Investigations is a fantastic resource for busy Private Investigators. When I need “hard to find” information — that’s where I’ve gone for the past 13 years. They are accurate and dependable.

Joe B.

Cameo Investigations has been a “go to” part of Blue Ridge Private Investigations since 1997. We’ve had nothing but top notch professional service. They are punctual, fair, honorable and reliable.

Ken F.

Cameo is my go to for online investigations. I consider Audra to be a leader in her field and extremely dependable. I’m grateful for numerous years Cameo has provided support for our company.

Erin D.

I have used Cameo and Audra on several requests to assist in locating a person. She has always come through quickly and efficiently.

Jim S.

Cameo has always provided an accurate, timely, and affordable product. Staff is professional and most importantly security and confidentiality minded.

Craig T.

This is a great company. They can find all your important information needs. Cameo Investigations is the BEST at everything they do and at a reasonable price. Try them once and you will use them forever.

James E.

Always helpful, considerate. We love Cameo

Vinny P.

I am a 30 year veteran of Law Enforcement in southern California. I am now engaged in fugitive recovery. I have used the services of Cameo Investigations on over 30 occasions. Audra has consistently provided concise and accurate information that has contributed to the successful resolution of case after case. The information has been returned to me in a timely manner and at reasonable prices. I would highly recommend employing Cameo those vexing cases that may come your way.

Marc B.

Cameo is an excellent source of information. But, the best thing is that, in Audra, I have a thinking person doing the research. I have found the best way to work with Cameo is to let Audra know what I hope to gain and then let her great instincts for investigation guide me in the right direction. I have never in all the years I have worked with Cameo been disappointed or unhappy with the work

Martin B.

Audra was extremely helpful to us (out of town investigators) and very reasonable in her fees.

Kathleen M.

I work with a professional group that has used Cameo’s services for years, and Cameo does fantastic work. They’re fast, reliable, pleasant, and thorough. I’ve also had occasion to request assistance on a couple of personal issues, and their advice and quick work have been very helpful. Over the many, many years I’ve worked with Cameo practically every week, they have never disappointed.

Carol G.

I have worked with Cameo for some time now, and if someone thinks it cannot be done, Cameo PI has the answer. Their team handles every situation with poise and respect. They produce the fastest results accompanied by top notch intelligence. Cameo PI is simply, THE BEST.

Adam W.

When life situations present the need to hire a Private Investigator, you have many choices. During trying situations, the last thing you need to worry about is the competency of your investigative company. Cameo Investigations gives you peace of mind that the job is being done RIGHT. Caring, compassionate, knowledgeable–this group goes that extra mile! I wholeheartedly recommend Cameo Investigations!

Sharon P.

Cameo investigations did a awesome job I highly recommend!

Logan T.

Audra is a wonderful person and an excellent PI. She has tons of experience and is always available to help when needed. I will never hire another PI again. She is simply the best.

Adam W.

Cameo Investigations helped me when no one else could. They were able to get everything that I needed for my case. The people here are kind, friendly, and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone!

Savanah L.

When time is of the essence. The only company to contact is Cameo Investigations. I have had their expert investigators save important cases. The staff and investigators will get the results you need to win your case and get the information you need. Call Cameo Investigations, the professionals.

Ruth R.

By far the most Professional and reliable people I have ever dealt with. If you’re trying to catch someone in the act, Look no further the Private Investigators at Cameo are your people!! Great company and people, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Whitney C.

I have used this company both personally and professionally on numerous occasions. They are professional, knowledgeable, always accessible if I have a question, provide a variety of services at very reasonable prices, and stay up-to-date on the latest technology. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Cynthia H.

This organization is THE most professional, confidential and reliable Private Investigators I have ever dealt with. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs confidential services for a reasonable price.

Sharon H.