Private Detective in Charlotte, North Carolina

Private Detective in Charlotte, North Carolina

Cameo investigations have a dedicated team of private detective in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our detectives are most trusted in the industry, we provide our customers with high standard services. Cameo investigations collect evidence professionally and provide clarity, or inner peace, to clients in Charlotte and the surrounding area.

Our professionals can assist you if you are concerned about your spouse, family member, your employee, a friend, or your company’s assets. We provide a 24/7 service, we have expertise in private, commercial, legal, and corporate investigations.You can see private detective information.

Cameo investigation has 30 years of experience in serving clients to solve their family and relationship problems, business issues, tracking, background checks, collecting proofs about a fraud employee, any kind of monitoring and providing proof. 

We have also helped with criminal inspections and evidence collection in the court situations. Through our tracing facility, we have been able to reunite long-lost members of the family. We have developed our name as one of Charlotte’s top investigation firms by completing cases to the greatest standards of client satisfaction.

This includes collecting information and evidence properly and always putting our clients’ interests first,  all while working within the confines of the law to guarantee that all of our clients get the best possible results.

Private Detective in Charlotte, North Carolina

We will help you to resolve your issues

Our team of highly professional and experienced private detectives in Charlotte, is highly trained in all types of private investigation work including practical skills, proper research, logistic work. 

Their commitment to obtaining results and solving your case is their first concern, and they will collaborate closely with you to achieve the best possible results for your inquiry.

Our investigators have experience in all kinds of surveillance. To ensure excellent results we use GPS monitoring devices, HD cameras, and other electronic gadgets. We have the skills, technology, and experience for completing your given task. The mission of cameo investigations is to give our clients the best possible facilities.

We complete our services in a professional manner. Services provided by Cameo investigation includes infidelity issues we provide evidence if your spouse or girlfriend/ boyfriend is cheating on you, criminal defense proofs, any type of surveillance, corporate consideration for business. In business, change is essential, but understanding which changes are risks and which are opportunities is necessary for success.

We assist corporate clients in identifying and mitigating risk. Other services include:

  • Private Background Checks
  • Company Background checks
  • Criminal Appeal
  • Surveillance
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Relationship Surveillance
  • Commercial and Corporate inspection
  • Tracing Investigation
  • Matrimonial and Relationship
  • Employee Fraud
  • Insurance Issue
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Process Serving
  • Other services
Private Detective in Charlotte, North Carolina

Evidence Provided by Private Detective

When your case is over, you will be given written evidence to indicate whether you were dealing with a cheating spouse, fraud employee, or if it was a criminal appeal we will provide you with crucial evidence in support of appeal against conviction. Cameo investigations will also assist you in finding a long-lost family member, tracing vehicles by using new technologies.

At the end of the case assigned, we will also provide you with investigative reports, pictures, and video documentation as well as other reports as proof.  The success of these sensitive inquiries depends on reliable and active communication through text messages, phone calls, or meetings.

The client could notify on regular basis, it depends on the type of inquiry. We proceed with all types of investigation in a legal and confidential way and are conducted in strict accordance with the law.

Feel free to contact our office if you need any services. Cameo Investigations provide efficient services of private detective in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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