Missing Persons

Missing Persons

Is Your Child, Teen or Loved One Missing?

Modern day technology and increasing amounts of unattended socializing have compounded the age-old worry of protecting our children. A child’s poor choice may stay with them a lifetime. A criminal record can quell college aspirations. Do not delude yourself. A seemingly insignificant situation can have real life repercussions for your child.
Many parents are unaware of what their teenage children are doing and whom they are spending time with. The company a child chooses today can negatively affect their future. Common naivete is a wonderful part of our children’s innocence and should be celebrated. At Cameo Investigations, we believe it should also be protected. While our children are presented with more and more options and social choices they may not be mature enough to see all the potential consequences or understand the ramifications their choices bring. Today’s social media opportunities have opened numerous possibilities and it is simple to see how a child could lose their way.

Changes in your child’s behavior, appearance and motivation may be signs of alcohol or drug use. The long-term effects of such abuse cannot be underestimated. Adults who abused substances in their formative years are at greater risk for addiction and health complications. Elementary rebellion and simple psychosocial growing pains can morph into untoward behavior such as petty crime and criminal mischief. Staying well informed of your child’s routines, activities and network of friends could make all the difference. At times this may be a seemingly insurmountable task. Cameo Investigations is here to facilitate your specific needs. Utilizing our resources and experience will streamline your mission. Keeping your child safe and out of harm’s way is our passion.
Cameo Investigations offer comprehensive teenager tracking and investigation services for concerned parents living in the North Carolina region. We understand that at times it may become necessary to investigate your children’s social life in order to protect them and help them make the right choices. We work with a network of professionals across the area to address issues. We take the utmost care in ensuring all information gathered remains confidential for your protection and privacy.

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